On the Pandemic

Public Safety

“I am on the frontlines in fighting to make our communities safer. I made sure that nurses, police officers, and firefighters who are infected with the coronavirus are able to get faster treatment through Workers’ Compensation. After reviewing my record, the California Professional firefighters has endorsed me. I would be honored to have your support for the work I continue to do.”

Essential Workers

“I delivered fast on COVID-19 sickpay for essential workers. I delivered on faster Workers’ Compensation for COVID-infected health care workers, police officers, and firefighters. Now, I am working to speed up people’s unemployment checks. It’s time for the government to move faster.”


"Unemployment benefits are earned. Every paycheck, the government deducts money. No delays. Government never misses a deduction. But I’ve had to help hundreds of people who lost their jobs in the pandemic... because the state government couldn’t get their checks to them. This has to change. As Chairman of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee I am going to change it.

If you’re late paying your taxes...you pay a penalty. If you’re late paying a parking ticket... you pay a penalty. But nothing happens to the state when they’re months late getting people their unemployment checks. If the state unemployment operation doesn’t get its act together, I will propose a law to make the state pay people a late fee for late unemployment checks and that will change things."

Earned Benefits

"People can’t keep up with the rising cost of living. Millions of Californians are out of work. I fought for overtime pay for farm workers, equal pay for women, and sick pay for COVID-19 essential workers. Money matters. I want working people to keep more of what they earn.”

Paid for by Rudy Salas for Assembly 2020 ID# 1414982